Contact the Standard-Setting Process Oversight Committee

The Standard-Setting Process Oversight Committee meets quarterly and will review correspondence related to reported allegations of authoritative standard-setting due process violations at these sessions.

We encourage you to review the Due Process Correspondence Procedure prior to submitting the information on your form. You can submit Due Process Correspondence as follows:

  • Complete all the required fields of the webform. Anonymous submissions will be accepted, but please note that this prevents the Standard-Setting Process Oversight Committee from asking any follow-up questions.
  • Alternatively, if you wish to submit correspondence via phone, you may call the FAF’s Vice President, Board Operations & Governance directly at +1 (203) 956 5280. Please note that another member of the FAF staff will be asked to join the discussion to ensure your information is captured as accurately as possible.
  • Due Process Correspondence Procedure
    • The FAF will publish all due process correspondence received, including the name and business address of each party who submitted information if it is not anonymous. In most cases, the Committee will provide a written response to due process correspondence and publish it on its website.