Gary H. Bruebaker
Board of Trustees

Gary H. Bruebaker joined the FAF Board of Trustees in July 2014, and was vice chairman from January 1, 2017-December 31, 2018. His term will conclude when a successor is named.

Mr. Bruebaker is the chief investment officer for the Washington State Investment Board in Olympia, Washington, where he is responsible for the investment and management of the state’s assets.

In this role, Mr. Bruebaker establishes investment policies and procedures designed exclusively to maximize investment return at a prudent level of risk. Mr. Bruebaker also provides the Investment Board with guidance in financial analysis; including asset allocation modeling, investment risk and return parameters, strategic and tactical investment strategies, and investment performance measurement.

Prior to joining the Washington State Investment Board, Mr. Bruebaker served as the deputy state treasurer for the Oregon State Treasury—where he formulated and implemented policy, practices, and performance measures for the financial infrastructure of the State of Oregon. While serving as the deputy state treasurer, Mr. Bruebaker also served as a member of the Oregon Short-Term Fund Board, the Oregon Municipal Debt Advisory Commission, and the Private Activity Bond Committee.

A holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, Mr. Bruebaker received his MBA from the University of Oregon and Bachelor of Science degree in Business with honors from Oregon State University.