Notice of Open Meetings

Scheduled Meetings and Events
February 26
FAF Board of Trustees Meeting
Financial Accounting Foundation Office, Norwalk, CT
(Closed portion of meeting begins at 7:30 a.m. Open portion of meeting begins approximately 11:35 a.m.)
(This meeting will be video webcast.)

Notice of Meeting

The agenda for the open meeting is expected to be as follows:
  • Report of the FAF Chairman
  • Report of the Standard-Setting Process Oversight Committee
  • Report of the FASB Chairman
  • Report of the FASAC Chairman
  • Report of the GASB Chairman
  • Report of the GASAC Chairman
  • Report of the FAF President & CEO
  • Report of the FAF Treasurer
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May 22
FAF Board of Trustees Meeting
Washington, DC
August 20
FAF Board of Trustees Meeting
New York, NY
November 19
FAF Board of Trustees Meeting
Norwalk, CT